ZENERGY HOUSE - A Near-Zero Energy Green Healthy Home 
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                                         The ZENERGY House project was developed as a guide to greening existing homes!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) offer a program strategy for encouraging comprehensive home energy improvements for existing homes called Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.  This innovative program goes beyond providing product incentives to homeowners to help capture the significant savings potential of improving whole-house performance in the existing housing  market. 

Energy Star is a voluntary government program that gives people the power to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases through energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort or quality.

The California Home Performance program is the first in the Western U.S. to be granted ENERGY STAR recognition. We earned it by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines.  


The Zenergy house demonstrates how easily green design can be accomplished by using current proven technologies.


It is an example of how you can create a healthier home; one that is more durable, more energy efficient, more respectful of the environment while improving your properties value in a precarious market.


  •  This High Performance Green Home is the first home that combines the Home Performance with Energy Star program with environmentally responsible design and construction to create a near zero energy, healthy, whole house remodel.
  • The benefits of a High Performance Green Home are improved health, safety, comfort and the ability to protect property values from rapidly escalating energy costs.
  • Our mission is to help homeowners recognize what truly determines a green home and to provide a roadmap for creating thier own ZENERGY HOUSE.
  • For more info visit:  www.ReasEnergy.com